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"   It’s amazing how words can do that, just shred your insides apart.   "
Lauren Oliver, Delirium (via satans-ghost)


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"How many chocolates?" You call over to your boyfriend, Luke, who suddenly pops his head up in the aisle beside you, making you jump and squeal. He lets out a loud laugh. "Jerk!" You smirk, and grab a MarsBar to add to your basket of munchies for your movie night. 

"Did you get the redbull?" Luke asks, turning the aisle to walk over to you. He wraps his arms around your waist and kisses the top of your head. You sigh and look up. 

"Nope. I’m still looking for more chocolates." You smirk. 

"I’ll grab ‘em." He offers, letting you go and walking to the fridges at the front. You continue to scan through the countless chocolate bars before hearing a loud bang bang, and a couple of screams. 

"Everyone, on the floor, now!" A man in a mask shouts, waving a gun around. Your eyes widen, and on first instinct, are searching for Luke. You feel a wave of relief when you see him at the end of your aisle, holding two cans of redbull. "Are you fucking deaf, I said on the floor!" The man in the mask shouts, closing up on you, the gun pointed in your face as he cocks it. 

"Don’t you fucking dare-" Luke  starts over, and in the blink of an eye, the man in the mask aims at Luke, a shot goes off, and two redbull cans drop to the floor of the service station. Your mind goes number, and your vision becomes blurring, and you don’t even notice yourself screaming Luke’s name until you’re on your knee’s, beside him, holding him in a pool of his own blood. The man in the mask runs when the alarm sounds, but that doesn’t stop your boyfriend from bleeding. 

"Hey, Luke," You whisper, cupping his face, making him look up at you. "Keep your eyes open, baby," You whisper, tears streaming down your face, your heart beating five miles per hour. Your hands are covered in blood. His blood. 

"Baby, are you okay-" He whispers, his hand weakly reaching up to your face to wipe your tears. 

"I’m fine, Luke, I’m fine," You whisper, cradling him. "Call the ambulance, please! Please!" You call out to anyone in the store. "Oh, god." You whisper to yourself, seeing the amount of blood pouring out of Luke’s chest. He coughs, and you cringe at the blood that spills from his mouth. "It’s going to be okay, Luke, I promise."

"I love you," He pauses and breathes in the best he can. "I love you so much." He promises, and you whimper. 

"Don’t." You shake your head. "Don’t say goodbye. The ambulance is coming, Luke. You’ll be okay." You cry, holding him close to you. You lean down and kiss his lips. Their bloody, but you don’t care. You feel his hands wipe your teary cheeks. 

"Thank you so much," He smiles weakly at you. "For coming into my life." He continues. "For loving me.” He states. 

"Stop it, Luke, stop saying goodbye." You cry harder, and tears are now streaming down his face. "You’re going to get out of here. You’re going to get better, and we’ll have a movie night like we planned. And we’ll watch The Notebook like you said we could," You smile through your tears, and he does too. "And we’ll stay together a long time," You whisper, running your fingers through his dark locks. "And get married, and have kids. And then we’ll die together. Old, and in our sleep. Not like this. Okay?" You cry. "Not like this." You shake your head. He’s getting more tired, and though you don’t want to admit it, you know it’s coming. You know he’s dying. 

"I wish I could do that with you, baby." He smiles tearily. "I love you so much." He repeats over and over. "Tell Mum I love her, too, yeah? And Beau and Jai." He continues. "I love you so much." He says for the thousandth time, and it’s breaking your heat. His thumb rubs your cheek, and you kiss him, slowly and painfully heartbreaking. He kisses back too. For a little while. When he stops kissing you, and his hand drops to his side, you break out in sobs. He laid there in your arms. Gone. The love of your life. Luke Brooks. 


Luke Brooks